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CFI has built a strong dairy division in the last few years.

High quality products (100% of our customers which submitted products for judging won Qualite Awards in 2012) at reasonable prices.

CFI has the right combination of quality and costs.

And we have a constant flow of new technology. Still using chymosin rennets in your short-maturity cheeses? You are wasting money every day. Our microbial rennet is just as good, and much cheaper.

Our product range includes:

Instant Tests for Milk
Antibiotics, hydrogen peroxide, aflatoxin, early pregnancy
Cultures (Including Probiotic Cultures)
Yoghurts, cheeses, fermented milks
New!: high viscosity, no post-acidification cultures for yoghurts
New!: high viscosity, high butter notes for fermented milks
Our new technology in rennet is well-proven by major European cheese manufacturers, and is up to 3 times stronger than standard “chymosin” rennets, and much easier to store and transport, with longer shelf-life. Much cheaper to use as well!
Natamycin & Nisin
Flavours and Colours
Fruit Preps and Syrups
For yoghurt and ice cream
Yoghurt Stabilisers

Flavoured Milk Syrups
Typically 1-2% syrups, with all the flavour, colour and sweetener included.

Ice Creams
New stabiliser, creamier products

Dairy Blends (Milk & Juice, Yoghurt & Juice)
From Ready To Drink to 1+7 concentrates
Acids - Fruitaric Acid

Colours - Artificial & Natural

Preservatives & Antioxidants
Sugar Enhance Flavour(s)
Sweeteners & Sweetener blends
Thickeners & Stabiliser
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