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CFI is not an “agent” for a flavour house. We formulate, manufacture and blend flavours of all types. This gives our customers much higher quality, much more flexibility and much lower costs.

We have been selling flavours for almost 20 years, and are confident that our flavour range is of top international quality, but much cheaper than buying from the multinationals.

The ultimate range of flavours and Value for Money.

Or, we can develop a flavour especially for your purposes, no matter in what sector of food manufacturing.

Liquid Flavours
Water and oil-soluble.
Sweet, Fruit or Savoury.
Heat stable.
Chewing gum applications.
Alcoholic drink flavours.
The economical way to add flavour, colour and cloud all at once.
Encapsulated Flavours
If you want to make really good quality chewing gum.
We have the best cloudifiers and stability in the market.
Powdered Spray-Dried Flavours
Especially for powdered soft drinks and similar.
Snack Dustings
For extruded snacks, crisps etc.
Savoury Flavours
Excellent for soup cubes, sauces etc. Top notes and bases.
Sugar Enhance Flavour
The ideal way to reduce sugar costs in your beverages and dairy products.
Citrus Oils & Terpenes
Citrus flavour building blocks.
Vanillin & Ethyl Vanillin
Ours are proven to be stronger and better-tasting in many applications. Use up to 30% less of ours vs others in e.g. chocolate, biscuits and similar applications.
Menthol, Spray Dried
Why use difficult menthol crystals with expensive process costs

Acids - Fruitaric Acid

Colours - Artificial & Natural

Preservatives & Antioxidants
Sugar Enhance Flavour(s)
Sweeteners & Sweetener blends
Thickeners & Stabiliser
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