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Juices: Pulps, concentrates, formulations
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We can supply you with preserved, aseptic and frozen pulps and concentrates in many cases, but you should also consider our formulated concentrates, such as 1+4 or 1+5 nectar concentrates. We can adjust the percentage of fruit juice to your specifications, while maintaining good taste quality.

If you really want economy, then we can help you to develop good-tasting “fruit juice drinks” with very low (typically <10%) fruit juice content. Yet they “seem like juices”.

Any fruit or blend of fruit flavours is possible, not just the traditional Orange, Pineapple, Mango, Peach-Apricot etc. So if you want something exotic like “Forest Berries”, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Pulps Purees
Aseptic or preserved pulps and purees.
Juice Concentrates
High in taste quality, our formulated concentrates are economical in costs.
Typically 1+5 to 1+10 dilution rates.
Innovative packaging lowers costs.
We can formulate to your taste requirements.
Some Flavours
- Guava
- Peach/Apricot
- Tropical (6 variations)
- Litchi & Pear
- Mango
- Mango & Peach
- Mango & Orange
- Apple

Or you tell us what you want to sell in your market. We can formulate it with you.
Acids - Fruitaric Acid

Colours - Artificial & Natural

Preservatives & Antioxidants
Sugar Enhance Flavour(s)
Sweeteners & Sweetener blends
Thickeners & Stabiliser
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